Strategic forecasting services

Multiple futures

Steve Outing specializes in strategic forecasting (sometimes referred to as “futures-casting”), trend-watching and -analysis, futures scenarios, and related innovation and ideation services for the news and media sectors. Contact Steve directly by phone at 303-834-7810, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Services offered


  • Trends: research, forecasts, analysis
  • Horizon scanning
  • Emerging-issues and “weak signals” identification
  • Plausible scenarios identification (alternative futures awareness)
  • Visioning and innovation projects
  • Long-range strategic planning (based on plausible futures and multiple indicators)
  • Speaking, small-group workshops, private consulting

Steve has further expertise in digital media and news innovation, including: online and mobile content strategies … social-media strategies … digital-media business models … innovation practices … online and mobile design and UI … managing the digital transition … writing, editing, research reports.